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About Us

Weaving stories with Epic captures
Welcome to Groomsy

We are a group of professional wedding photographers and our love for photography goes beyond just clicking pictures.

We are freezing moments in time, about capturing laughter, the tears, the stolen glances and the overwhelming joy that makes your wedding truly yours.

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A lifestyle photography tells a story

Wedding Photography

In the world of wedding photography, every click captures a chapter of the love story.Remember, wedding photographers are not just observers. With skillful composition and an empathetic eye, we craft visual narrative that becomes a cherished keepsake and every time they turnover the pages of an album, it reminds couples about the profound beauty of their union.

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Wedding Film

In wedding cinematography, we carefully uncover the depth of emotions. From the rustle of the bridal gown to whispered vows we transform ordinary moments to cinematic gems. The result is not just a video, it is a heartfelt movie that beautifully portrays the love, care and the promose that have shared on their special day.

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Our uniqueness

We encapsulate Emotions & tell your unique love story with lenses

More Candid Moments

Our photographers have mastered the art of capturing candid moments and creating timeless images. So, none of your significant moments won’t be missed.

Personalised Approach

When we venture into photography, we have taken an oath to preserve individuality of individuals throughout the photo session. So, every picture unfolds a different story in style.

Quiet capture

The best moments are obviously candid. We capture those genuine emotions & candid interactions and it creates a visual narrative that feels authentic and heartfelt.

Proficient in the language of lens

We have been spent years behind lens and it helped us to understand the complexity of light, the nuance of emotions, and the art of storytelling using images. Hire us , and experience it on your big day.


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